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Lyric Eye
Enough is enough.
Sometimes a two-syllable word is the last drop. There's no crossing that line. There's no pushing limits further. I can walk that extra mile as long as you watch that foul mouth o'yours. Watch it. Wash it in blood. No more disrespect. No more meaningless words. No more thoughtless actions. That two-syllable word was the last drop.

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The Mourning Place
Invisible hands/ gather lives/ unlived,/ unsung,/ The foot's between/ two time zones/ forging a peace/ I'm forever booked/ counting lives leaving/ Welcome them/ with open arms/ to a new threshold/ with an embrace/ Enter sweet angels/ Grief be still.

cloth seat cover
Cloth seat cover vs.
leather seat cover vs. fabric seat cover vs. Canvas Seat...

It can be confusing choosing the right seat cover giving the different types in the market. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed to select the right one for your vehicle with this article. We make a comparison of four types of car seat covers to give car owners a sound base to make the right choice. Below, we make a comparison of four types of car seat covers using ten comparison yardsticks with a rating of 0 -10 score to compare between the four types. We hope you will find our yardstick useful for your purpose. Cloth seat cover leather seat cover Fabric seat cover Canvas Seat Covers Durability 10 10 6 10 Value 8 10 8 9 UV fade 3 4 4 4 Affordable 10 5 10 8 Quality 8 10 6 8 Comfort 10 10 8 7 Variety 10 6 10 10 Keep clean 8 10 7 9 Temperature 8 6 8 7 ... (more)

Paragraph Interrogati

When you begin to read a paragraph or passage in Spanish, do you get stuck? Well, you've come to the right place. Meet the paragraph headlong and try to make sense of it. Don't go away feeling as you will never get it. Build a relationship with the paragraph. When you first read it, ask what it is about. If you don't get the gist of it, try to use this method. Place a question mark after each sentence. You are basically going to change each sentence into a question. Then answer each question the sentence asks. Are there any questions that you cannot answer? Why? Are there any words or phrases that you don't know that affect the understanding of the sentence? What are the mental hurdles in your comprehension of the paragraph? Go to the exact spot where you lose your comprehension. Circle or underline it. What is it that stops you? Is it a word or phrase? Is it the sentence? Is it a concept? Is it an idea? When you realize what it is, it is a breakthrough. You... (more)

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